Reprisal - protecting ecommerce from credit card fraud

Crowdsourced fraud prevention for ecommerce sites

Stop fraud. Prevent chargebacks. Get reprisal!

Reprisal is a free, simple, merchant-driven fraud solution for ecommerce websites. By crowdsourcing data related to fraudulent orders from our members, we are collectively building a massive, evolving blacklist of all the people you never want to ship your products to.

Store A
Store A
Merchant A has 75 fraudsters on their blacklist
Merchant B has 125 fraudsters on their blacklist
Merchant C has 100 fraudsters on their blacklist
With Reprisal, each merchant now has 300 fraudsters on their blacklist

Multiply the concept above by thousands of merchants, and that's the power of Reprisal. Membership is free and the application takes one minute. You can even use our API, which delivers free, real-time alerts when data entered on your site matches data reported by other merchants as fraudulent.

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